BAHR School – Theory in practice

Legal studies are based on theory. However, in the real world solutions need to be practical. At BAHR we understand that we learn best by taking on challenging and interesting assignments, which we solve together.

BAHR prides itself on providing solutions-oriented advice, so we need a common practical approach towards assignments. In order to balance the practical and theoretical aspects of learning, we have established the BAHR School – the ideal launch pad for success and support in continuing academic development for all our employees.

More than just law

Throughout the year we deliver a range of different modules, combining law with, for example, languages, ethics, economics, negotiation techniques and client relations. Legal topics are tailored to the individual’s practice area and experience, and include, among others, business law, securities trading, acquisitions and transactions, dispute resolution, employment law and competition law. Some of these modules are approved by the Norwegian Bar Association for accreditation under its continuing professional development programme.

During the spring and fall semesters we arrange gatherings where we go in-depth into relevant legal and practical topics. Examples of some of the types of courses at the BAHR School are:

Introductory course

As a newly hired associate you will go through a week’s practical course covering everything from data systems to administrative procedures. You will also take part in a cultural seminar focusing on themes such as BAHR’s history, our core values, client relations, attorney ethics, and other important issues.

Market groups and professional group courses

BAHR is divided into six market groups and twelve professional groups. Specialised courses and seminars address relevant topics for each group, and include specially-tailored courses for our new attorneys.

General courses

These concern various legal practice areas, and are primarily aimed at lawyers who do not work in those fields. Our intention is that everyone at BAHR should have an overview of the key commercial law issues that typically occur.

Special courses

BAHR arranges a series of special courses within topics such as project steering and management, economics and financial analysis, English for lawyers, and more. In addition, we encourage you to take part in external courses, such as those that arranged by the Juristenes Utdanningssenter (Centre for Continuing Legal Education).

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