Collaboration with university

BAHR is committed to an active and lively exchange of ideas between academics and practitioners, to develop practical solutions to real life legal issues.

While research and teaching both benefit from the experience and input of current practitioners, lawyers and judges rely on the technical and educational efforts contributed by university academics.

For the above reasons, lawyers from BAHR are cooperating with our friends at universities on a number of projects. These include preparing books, submitting essays to legal journals, developing training and educational courses, and taking on professional or administrative positions connected with academic projects, among other things. A number of our lawyers regularly take part in teaching, coaching, grading exams or examining theses. In light of the benefit we receive daily from the efforts made by university staff, we feel an obligation to give something back. We also believe that some problems are best solved by close cooperation between academics and practitioners. Therefore, we are always keen to participate in training sessions at the universities, and allocate resources to those research projects where we can make meaningful contributions.

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