Asset Management and Private Equity

The upheavals in the financial markets create challenges but also offer great opportunities for those able to grasp them. In a complex and shifting world, state-of-the-art expertise, experience and a deep understanding of the prevailing market conditions, requirements and key players are essential to success.

Our services

Our asset management and private equity industry group serves the asset management community, advising on all aspects of their business, from structuring, establishing and promoting investment management operations, products and funds, to incentive arrangements, trading and transactional work, both in Norway and abroad. With markets and participants having undergone major changes of late, our industry group also counsels clients on the complex and evolving regulatory regimes applicable to them and their operations. A substantial part of our work involves advising Norwegian and overseas private equity investors on the various stages of the investment cycle – from making listed or unlisted investments and follow-on acquisitions, through restructuring businesses and crafting exit strategies, to completing successful exits.

Our asset management and private equity group has worked closely with the asset management industry from its infancy and combines cutting-edge legal expertise with a profound knowledge of the sector and its specific needs.  This, combined with BAHR’s approach of building customised multidisciplinary teams that draw on experience, knowledge and resources from across the firm, ensures that we are always able to effectively address the commercial and legal issues faced by our clients in the course of their business.

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