Contract Law

In legal terms, modern business life is based on the principle of freedom of contract. Modern business life is to a large extent governed by contracts, such as employment contracts, contracts for procurement of goods and services, contracts related to financing, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Therefore, contract law, both practically and in principle, is one of the most important fields for a commercial law firm.

Our services

BAHR’s goal is for the firm’s general contract law expertise to be the finest available. The firm’s contract law group focuses on principal and general issues of contract law, and also in particular on extensive and complex construction contracts such as onshore construction contracts and the offshore industry’s fabrication contracts.

Great emphasis is placed on ensuring that the firm always has sound knowledge of contract practices within the sectors we serve, including expertise in relation to important standard form contracts. Several of our attorneys have played key roles in the development of important and widespread standard form contracts.

BAHR assists with contract drafting, both individual “tailor-made” contracts and customised standard form contracts, as well as in contract negotiations. We also have extensive experience in assisting with implementation of contracts on the sale of goods and services – typically ongoing assistance to projects that encounter challenges. BAHR’s extensive assistance with dispute resolution, including arbitration and litigation, is quite often related to contract law issues.

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