Debt Financing

BAHR works widely with various types of financing for the debt capital market both within the bank and bond market, direct and fund financing. We have extensive experience in negotiating and preparing syndicated loan agreements, especially within corporate finance, acquisition and project financing, as well as bond loans and combined bank and bond loan structures, and related inter-credit issues.

We attach great importance to collaborating with other areas of expertise in the firm in order to provide the very best advice adapted to the financing needs and risk management required for different industries and the individual borrower.

We advise borrowers as well as lenders and facilitators/investment banks and have amongst others assisted both Norwegian and foreign banks and investment funds with structuring complicated financial transactions of great value distributed through assets and businesses located in several jurisdictions.

Our services

BAHR assists borrowers as well as lenders and advises clients in issues related to:

  • Syndicated loan agreements for all sectors of the industry and asset classes
  • Project financing and acquisitions
  • Covered bonds
  • Securitisation
  • Export credit financing/investment financing
  • Bond loans, both traditional and high yield
  • Guarantees
  • Security agreements and inter-creditor agreements between different credit groups
  • Financing of work capital including leasing and factoring
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