Dispute Resolution – litigation, arbitration and mediation

Disputes inevitably arise from time to time when doing business, and they can be difficult to manage and resolve. Increasing your chances of a successful result requires a firm focus on both procedures and solutions.

Our services

BAHR’s clients can expect to find lawyers who understand their business and commercial challenges. We understand that court cases eat up time and resources that could be more profitably used elsewhere. For this reason we always aim to resolve disagreements without going to court. Even when a court case turns out to be unavoidable, we always keep an eye out for alternative solutions.

We continuously handle a considerable number of complicated, high-value cases. The team solve all types of corporate disputes and set up teams for each individual case, often across our industry groups if necessary, to provide the most efficient assistance to our clients. Several of our Partners have the best experience in litigation and arbitration in regard to corporate issues in Norway, and whom at the same time are experts within their fields.

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