Environmental challenges and climate change are among the most important issues in our time. The regulations are in rapid development and stricter requirements are still imposed on market players both at sea and on land. BAHR has vast experience of working with all types of problems related to environmental issues.

Our services

BAHR offers a complete range of services within the environmental sector, both nationally and internationally. Legal assistance in relation to environmental issues is of key importance to a number of market areas, covering sectors for real estate and contracting, shipping and oil as well as fish and aquaculture. We also see that environmental issues are becoming increasingly more important in connection with acquisitions, mergers and other transactions. BAHR also has an extensive network of contacts in the environmental sector that can assist with expertise and advice beyond the legal aspect.

Our assistance includes advice related to the understanding, adaptation and compliance of current national and international regulations, but we also provide assistance in connection with due diligence, contract drafting and risk management in connection with transactional activities. Through our firm’s expertise we also assist in legal proceedings that affect relevant environmental issues, especially within the marine insurance sector, as we see an increasing number of environment-related disputes.

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