Digitalisation has marked the public debate in recent years, and has provided inspiration for the development of new and innovative forms of financial technology (‘Fintech’). Established financial institutions that previously had a near monopoly on providing financial products and services to their customers are now experiencing a new situation where pure technology companies have joined in the competition for these customers. Development of new products and services in the financial sector often raises a number of legal issues that must be handled correctly, if the product or service is to be a success, and the introduction of a steady stream of new regulations from the EU (including PSD2, GDPR, etc.) makes the picture even more complex. Our attorneys have expertise within all the key fields that are typically relevant for a Fintech company, and we regularly assist financial institutions, entrepreneurs and investors in the Fintech sector.

Our services

  • Regulatory framework conditions and questions regarding licences, etc.
  • Dialogue with supervisory authorities and regulated markets
  • Protection of technology (IP)
  • Acquisition of capital, shareholders’ agreements and financing
  • Questions relating to tax and fees
  • Competition issues
  • Data protection issues
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