Fisheries and Aquaculture

The fisheries- and aquaculture industry is Norway’s largest export industry after oil & gas and is a key contributor to the country’s economy. Norway administers a sea area that is seven times larger than its mainland. 90 percent of the seafood production is being exported to more than 130 different countries worldwide.

The fisheries- and aquaculture industry is a heavily regulated industry and subject to comprehensive, fragmentary and detailed laws and regulations. BAHR has extensive experience in assisting these regulated industries, and enjoys a close dialogue with leading players in the Norwegian market. We have significant experience in general and administrative law, including assistance in connection with enforcement and application of the framework regulations, administrative appeals and dispute resolution before the courts.

In addition, BAHR has considerable expertise and experience with transactions, dispute resolution and tax. BAHR has assisted in connection with several of the largest transactions in the industry in recent years. We are continuously involved in a significant proportion of the cases that characterise the Norwegian market. Hence BAHR can offer clients the confidence they need in order to run seamless business activity.

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