Offshore Construction

A common factor for fabrication contracts and other construction contracts within the offshore industry, other process-related industry and general business, is that they often relate to substantial values and technically complex contract objects. This is reflected in the contracts themselves, which are often extensive and influenced by long-standing industry practice. Handling these types of contracts requires legal expertise, experience and familiarity with the sector.

Our services

BAHR has decades of experience in assisting clients within the relevant sectors with contract-related questions. Our experience includes traditional field development projects within the oil and gas industry, with particular focus on contracts for fabrication of oil and gas production facilities, as well as development and delivery of subsea solutions, etc.

Our attorneys also have extensive experience and broad expertise linked to various types of rig projects and shipbuilding contracts, as well as other types of development projects, such as onshore oil and gas process facilities, hydropower development projects, construction of water treatment plants, biogas plants, carbon capture facilities, major logistics centres, etc.

Over the last 10-15 years, we have also assisted clients with contract issues and dispute resolution related to major projects for removal of offshore installations.

When it comes to offshore construction and other types of construction contracts, there is extensive use of standard form contracts, such as the contracts in the NF/NTK-series, the NS-series, the NL/NLM-series, standard shipbuilding contracts, as well as international standard forms like the FIDIC contracts. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge and many years of experience with such key standard form contracts. Several of our attorneys have played key roles in the development of a number of the mentioned standard form contracts.

BAHR assists with contract drafting, as well as in contract formation processes and contract negotiations. We have extensive experience in assisting during the implementation of major and complex construction contracts – typically ongoing assistance to projects that encounter challenges. We also have a comprehensive dispute resolution practice, including large and small litigation and arbitration processes linked to offshore construction and other construction contracts.

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