Planning Law

BAHR is often engaged in the planning phase of property development and has provided assistance in a number of larger and smaller developments. The early phase can be decisive for a project and it is important to consider the entire value chain from option/site purchase to a completed project for sale and lease.

Our in-depth knowledge of all phases of property development has made BAHR a key adviser in recent years, and property development accounts for a significant part of our real estate practice.

Our services

BAHR assists in all phases of real estate development. A few key words for our services:

  • Risk relief in connection with purchase of development sites, use of options contracts and conditional purchase contracts
  • Sequential demands and development contracts – How far can the municipality go?
  • Property owner agreements as supplements in connection with area development
  • Corporate and tax law organisation of development companies
  • Organisation of ownership of joint infrastructure
  • Organisation of parking spaces with associated VAT issues
  • Registration and sectioning off larger and complex properties
  • Stamp duty
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