Public–Private Partnership (PPP)

PPP is a collaboration between the public and private sector on a project. The basis is the need to solve a public task, such as building roads, schools, nursing homes, etc. The government describes the task and defines the desired standards and quality of the delivery. Within this framework, the private party is free to plan and carry out the work in the manner they feel is most appropriate. The private party also takes responsibility for financing the development and is compensated through payment of rent with a financing element, user payment or other elements. The government usually takes over the project after the agreed time and when payment is completed.

Our services

BAHR assists in all stages of a PPP project within infrastructure, specific purpose buildings, etc. A PPP project raises intricate and complex legal issues. We cover all legal aspects of such projects, including financing, public procurement, leasing, ground lease, construction, tax and VAT.

Through our practical experience and our broad and in-depth expertise, we can offer effective assistance to both the public sector, private bidders and financers of such projects. We have assisted in a number of PPP projects for specific-purpose buildings, including schools, nursing homes and care facilities. We have also assisted in all of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s PPP projects. BAHR has contributed to developing standardised contract templates for PPP projects within various areas.

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