Seminar | BAHR Energy Insight | M&A on the NCS – Key current topics

Huge shifts in the energy markets and the current geopolitical situation makes the future more uncertain than in a long time. In our next BAHR Energy Insight we provide some perspectives on what the future may bring for the oil and gas markets, and what legal tools are available in oil and gas M&A to build a bridge between buyer and seller in unstable markets. Further, the newly adopted and fundamental changes to the Norwegian petroleum tax system also impacts M&A, and we elaborate on some key considerations in that respect.

  • Jarand Rystad, CEO, Rystad Energy
    What to expect from the future energy markets?
    Jarand Rystad founded Rystad Energy in 2004 and has, since its inception, managed the company. Jarand has extensive experience in oil and gas and energy strategy advisory work, and he actively advises investors on deal screening, transactions and portfolio management
  • Stig Klausen Engelhart, Partner, BAHR
    Contingent payment structures and other legal measures in unstable markets
    Stig is a partner in BAHR’s department for Energy and climate change. He has extensive experience in M&A transactions in the oil and gas market both on the NCS and internationally, and has acted as lead partner on several large and complex transactions.
  • Joachim Bjerke, Partner, BAHR
    The new petroleum tax regime and the impact on M&A transactions on the NCS
    Joachim is the head of BAHR’s tax department. He is a key tax advisor for many of the oil companies as well as the oil services industry. He has a deep insight into the special tax regime for the petroleum industry, as well as being a leading transfer pricing expert in Norway.


Welcome to a breakfast seminar with coffee and refreshments. Limited number of seats.

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