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BAHR is well-known for its innovative approach. Tailormade digital platforms help our clients to access the latest updates on work in progress, as well as allowing us to share relevant knowhow with them. In addition, we utilize the latest time saving legal and document management systems internally, ensuring an efficient and cost-effective service. BAHR is constantly working with our technology partners to create new systems that will allow us to share critical information in ongoing cases, as well as archived information, effectively with our clients’ in-house teams.

Digital platforms as of today:

  • BAHRaccess

A new client portal with some cutting-edge features, that will allow our clients easier access to information about their cases along with other relevant information, newsletters etc. The portal will be made available to our clients in the near future.

  • BAHRcollaborate

BAHRcollaborate is a HighQ based portal developed in collaboration with Etain. The portal is useful for file-sharing and communication between BAHR and our clients. The system is used by many of our clients – in particular in relation to transactional work – and allows the setup of dedicated data rooms for due diligence and other applications.

  • BAHRautomator

BAHRautomator is created in part by our law tech division BAHR Leap, and provides an online knowledge sharing portal where clients can access templates and documents, including automated versions of BAHR’s standard templates where appropriate. The system can also automate the client’s own templates and make them available in the portal.

  • BAHR Litigation Project Tool

In collaboration with Etain, BAHR has developed BAHR Litigation Project Tool, a tailored solution to manage litigation. The solution is also based on the HighQ platform, which makes it easier for our clients who can therefore use a familiar interface.


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