Nor-Shipping seminar | Partnerships

Programme / Speakers

09:00 – 09:30 – Breakfast & refreshments

09:30 – 11:00 – Seminar

  • BAHR: Anne Dahl Frisak
  • Grieg Edge and North Ammonia: Martine Gripp Bay and Fabian Ødeskaug
    Slagen Energy Hub – Cooperating on the future fuel
  • Østensjø: Håvard Framnes
    Creating shipping technology companies in partnership: Hydrogenious Maritime and Remota
  • Wilh. Wilhelmsen: Anna Kverneland
    Partnering in Offshore Wind – How we shape new value chains through a partnership approach
  • NRP Zero: Carl Petter Finne
    Co-investing in early phase green transition companies
  • Panel Discussion:
    Moderator: Geir Gustavsson, BAHR

    Vidar Lundberg, Grieg Edge
    Håvard Framnes, Østensjø
    Anna Kverneland, Wilh. Wilhelmsen
    Carl Petter Finne, NRP Zero

11:00 – Mingling

We hope you are able to join us – and look forward to seeing you!

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