Everything has its time and place – including time at BAHR. Some stay at BAHR for their entire career, while others choose to move on. Whatever your ultimate decision, we want the time you spend with us to be a springboard in your career, and we consider past employees as friends.

Some stay with us for a long time, others choose to pursue new opportunities after a while, perhaps at a client’s organisation. Whatever their eventual choice, we believe that time at BAHR should be rewarding and valuable. We are proud that many of our former colleagues now occupy leading positions in business and administration, and delighted when some of them return to BAHR after developing their careers at other organisations.

At BAHR we work closely together every day. But friendship doesn’t need to stop at the end of a working relationship. Our alumni receive an annual newsletter with updates and news, and enjoy our annual alumni reunion.

For more information about BAHR alumni, please contact

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