Corporate Legal Intern

BAHR, in cooperation with the DNB Legal Group and Aker Solutions, is delighted to announce the start of an exciting and innovative new trainee program . We are looking for highly dedicated and talented law students to take on positions as Corporate Legal Interns.


As a Corporate Legal Intern, trainees will spend som weeks in each of the organizations over an 18-month period. You will gain valuable insights into the work of lawyers, both in a business law firm and in large, international companies with sizeable legal departments. The scheme also provides unique opportunities to work alongside some of the country’s most experienced lawyers on large and high-profile cases.

During your time at BAHR you will be assigned to one of our market groups. You will participate in actual cases, take part in a variety of tasks and receive constructive follow-up and feedback. A partner mentor and an associate mentor will help to integrate you into our community, and will be on hand to provide support and advice when needed. You will be invited to our in-house courses, seminars and social events, held periodically during your term, in addition to the annual gathering we hold for all the year’s trainees.

To apply for the position in all three firms, apply here.

For more information about DNB see and for Aker Solutions see

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