About BAHR

It takes time to establish relationships. Clients have said that BAHR’s approach to assignments, and its ability to adapt to their particular needs and working methods, are the qualities that would be hardest to replace.

BAHR is the type of advisor you turn to and work closely with when transactions are large or strategically vital or disputes seem deadlocked.

We serve as an effective advisor, problem solver and partner in strategic discussions for Norwegian clients in domestic or international matters, and foreign players facing challenges in Norway.

Our approach is to assess legal challenges in a practical and effective way. We always make a thorough legal evaluation, but only issue long opinions when the situation demands them. The most important thing is the end result, and we aim to make the process for achieving this as short and focused as possible.

BAHR internationally

Many of our clients have roots in Norway, but are global businesses and face international challenges. We can support your operations world-wide with advice and assistance based on our in-depth legal knowledge and experience. Where necessary, we can also call upon our international network of first-class contacts.

We seek to meet the strictest international standards for project execution and follow up, irrespective of time and place. Without losing sight of your objectives, it is also our job as Norwegian attorneys to understand and adapt to cultural differences, whether in procedure, forms of cooperation, or more general expectations about business conduct.

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