BAHR and C4IR Ocean are joining forces to help save the ocean

The ocean is essential for life on earth and also for the world economy. But the ocean is under pressure and we need to step up to protect the ocean health. Together, C4IR Ocean and BAHR have established a formal partnership to fight legislative and regulatory barriers that are slowing down the journey towards a sustainable ocean.

The World Economic Forum has established a Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) with a network of 13 centres in 13 different countries. The network establishes projects that utilizes modern technologies and digitalization to solve important societal tasks. One of these centres is C4IR Ocean located in Norway, initially founded by the Aker Group and World Economic Forum one and a half year ago, now a growing network of 16 partners. C4IR Ocean is the first centre dedicated to ocean sustainability and with a global mandate.

C4IR Ocean combines the strength of Norway’s history of responsible ocean management and the industrial experience and agility of the Aker Group. Together with the World Economic Forum, the centre constitutes a public-private cooperation to develop ocean governance frameworks.

Read more in the press release.

Press release
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