BAHR partner Atle Skaldebø-Rød co-authors article on challenges to arbitral awards in Norway

Atle Skaldebø-Rød and Kaare Shetelig (partner of Wikborg Rein) have researched the annual number of arbitral awards rendered in Norway and challenges to awards in the Norwegian courts in the period 2014 to 2022. The article also highlights and discusses the most frequently asserted grounds for challenges to arbitral awards.

The main finding of the study is that Norway is arbitration friendly, with few challenges brought and even fewer challenges being successful. The results of the study are also compared to available data from major arbitration hubs in Europe, such as Sweden, Denmark and England, seeking to place the Norwegian findings in a more international context. 

The article gives valuable insight to clients and arbitration practitioners and reflects BAHR’s dedication to sharing our legal knowledge and expertise.

Andreas Busch (BAHR) and Kevin Brandsrød (Wikborg Rein) have contributed to the article. 

The article is published in “Lov og Rett” no 1/2024.

Read the full article in “Lov og Rett” no 1/2024.
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