Changes to the Euronext Growth admission processes: longer, but more flexible – new “flexible track”

The ordinary admission process for Euronext Growth is currently 2 weeks, with an alternative fast track process of minimum 5 trading days. Oslo Børs has changed the admission processes with effect from 1 January 2022:

  • Ordinary process extended to 3 weeks (15 trading days). The listing application shall be submitted at least 15 trading days before the first trading date (FDOT) and becomes publicly available at such time. The time line will follow Oslo Børs’ pre-determined decision meeting schedule for ordinary admission process on Oslo Børs/Euronext Expand.
  • Introduction of a new flexible admission process where the introductory report shall be submitted at least 15 trading days before FDOT, but where the listing application can be awaited until 5 trading days before FDOT – and the admission process becomes public at such time. This flexible process therefore allows issuers to await publication of admission plans until the listing application is submitted, and can be timed with the launch of a capital raise.
  • Fast track process extended to minimum 9 trading days. The listing application shall be submitted at least 5 trading days before FDOT, so that publication of the admission plans accordingly is similar to the flexible process.
  • Admission fee on Euronext Growth of maximum NOK 950,000 for ordinary process, 1.5 x ordinary fee for flexible process and NOK 2.5 million for fast track process.
  • No changes to the admission processes on Oslo Børs or Euronext Expand.
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