BAHR Dispute Resolution Insight

With BAHR Dispute Resolution Insight we aim to shed light on broader dispute resolution issues of interest as a supplement to our regular newsletters on current developments in litigation and arbitration.

In this Dispute Resolution Insight we consider three topics of importance:

Post-M&A disputes form an important part of BAHR’s dispute resolution practice. The body of law on post-M&A disputes is limited due to such disputes rarely being heard outside of confidential arbitrations.

Recently however, two cases concerning the interpretation of share purchase agreements were heard by the Court of Appeal (Borgarting division). BAHR acted as counsel in both cases and in this Insight, Deputy Head of Dispute Resolution, Daniel Sipos, gives an overview of the key take-aways.

Recovering litigation costs is an issue in which we experience an increased focus from clients.

Based on a recent article written by Eirik Wigenstad in the Journal for Commercial Law, Eirik gives a condensed overview of litigation costs and losses that may be recovered by a party to a dispute.

Securing evidence is not a step that is often needed, but when it is, it is crucial. Andreas Busch gives a practical view of the main considerations and steps in securing evidence.

We hope this Dispute Resolution Insight provides an interesting read.

BAHR Dispute Resolution Insigth - No. 1.2022
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