BAHR Dispute Resolution Insight no. 03/23

Introducing the latest edition of BAHR Dispute Resolution Insight!

Arbitration remains a focal point for BAHR’s dispute resolution group. This fall, we’ve dedicated our newest edition of Dispute Resolution Insight to key arbitration topics on this fall’s agenda.

Arbitration offers parties considerable flexibility in terms of process and timeline, but it also calls for strategic decision-making during the drafting and execution of an arbitration agreement.

Our first article delves into the crucial task of choosing the right arbitral seat for your needs when crafting an arbitration agreement, highlighting how differing approaches across states should be considered.

Ad-hoc arbitration has traditionally been the preferred form of arbitration by many Norwegian companies. However, as Norwegian trade becomes increasingly global, could this preference shift? Our second article explores recent trends in Norway’s approach to institutional arbitration.

What factors should you bear in mind when drafting or entering into an arbitration agreement? Our third article sheds light on some common yet perhaps overlooked pitfalls that parties may encounter when negotiating arbitration clauses in their contracts. It also offers some input to minimize potential issues and inconveniences when resolving disputes through arbitration.

Stay informed and ahead of the curve with BAHR’s Dispute Resolution Insight.

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