New BAHR publication: Oil and Gas in Norway

The oil and gas industry is a core contributor to the Norwegian economy and a core practice area for BAHR.

Our annual publication “Oil and Gas in Norway” intends to provide an overview of recent developments and the regulatory framework for petroleum activities on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS). This should hopefully provide useful information both to companies actively engaged in the sector and to foreign investors and others interested in the dynamics of the Norwegian oil and gas industry.

In this year’s publication, highlights include:

  • Overview of recent developments, including:
    • The activity level on the NCS in the context of recent legislative changes, global markets and a changing energy landscape
    • The Norwegian State’s announced nationalization of parts of Gassled
    • Recent climate-related litigation in Norway, which, reflecting a global trend, has implications for the oil and gas sector on the NCS
  • An update on the regulatory landscape governing petroleum activities on the NCS, with a focus on key legal considerations for industry players and potential investors


You are welcome to download the publication below and please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss.

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