Seminar | Trends in post-M&A disputes – highlighted by fresh statistics

What can typically go wrong in an M&A deal? What causes post-M&A disputes? How can such disputes be avoided – and how should they be managed once they arise?

The general impression amongst many market participants is that post-M&A disputes are on the rise in Norway and internationally. Fresh data from M&A insurance claims confirms this impression, but also gives a rich and nuanced picture of recent trends in post-M&A disputes. Together, BAHR and Marsh have anlysed recent trends in post-M&A disputes in the Norwegian and international market, based on both the available data and a qualitative approach.

To provide valuable insight into relevant trends and market developments, BAHR and Marsh invite to a seminar Wednesday January 18th.


  • Trends in post-M&A disputes – statistics from M&A insurance claims
  • Experience from post-M&A disputes – specific examples
  • Avoiding disputes – how the dispute trends affect negotiation and drafting of SPAs


Marsh, the leading broker for M&A insurance on both a local Norwegian and international scale, has a unique insight into the numbers and nature of claims made under such insurances. BAHR, a leading law firm within both M&A deals and post-M&A disputes, has extensive and in-depth experience from preventing disputes and managing them once they arise, both in the Norwegian market and in international arbitration. By combining our knowledge and perspectives we are able to present valuable insights into the latest trends and how market players should adopt to them.

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