Technology | A proactive approach to NIS2 and future cyber regulations

  • May 22, 2024
  • 8:00 - 9:45
  • BAHR, Oslo, Tjuvholmen allé 16, 0252 Oslo

Rapid digitalization has been accompanied by an increase in cyber-attacks, making cybersecurity threats an ever-growing concern within the EU. The NIS Directive (NIS1) introduced in 2016, was an initial step to ensure a high level of cybersecurity in important sectors and across EU countries. However, NIS1 did not adequately address growing threats. The EU has therefore now adopted NIS2, which aims to further strengthen cybersecurity in the EU. 

NIS2 is set to have a significant impact on a wide range of industries across the EU/EEA, including Norway. However, it has not received the same amount of attention as many other new regulations from the EU concerning the digital space. 

On this background, BAHR has invited Omny, leaders in cybersecurity for industrial organizations, to discuss how to take a proactive approach to NIS2 and future cyber regulations. In this seminar, we will explain the broader landscape and direction of new security regulations and explore what NIS2 entails, including which entities will be affected and the implications in Norway. 

Our aim is that this seminar will be an opportunity to learn and to ensure your organisation is prepared for NIS2. 



08:00 Registration and refreshments


08:30 Introduction 

Jacob A. Møller, Partner and Head of Technology

08:35 European policy trends in cybersecurity      

Why cyber regulations should be discussed in your next board meeting. 

Tomomi Aoyama, Senior Director of Strategy and Product, Omny 


08:55 NIS2: Norwegian perspectives  

A closer look at what’s new, and how Norwegian companies will be affected.  

Kjetil Wick Sætre, Managing Associate, BAHR 

Anna Medbøe Tamuly, Associate, BAHR 

09:15 Regulations require action 

Using NIS2 as a guide to cybersecurity best practices to futureproof your security posture      

Audun Scheide, Cyber Risk Specialist, Omny 


09:35 Q&A 

Led by Jacob A. Møller 

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