Structured Finance & Regulatory

"Understands the market extremely well and have a commercial and practical rather than a theoretical approach to problem solving. Creative when it comes to finding compromise solutions."


BAHR – pioneering structured finance & regulatory expertise

BAHR’s Structured Finance & Regulatory practice is second to none and has been at the forefront for innovative financial transactions in the Norwegian financial market for many years. For example, we acted on the first ever securitisation of a loan portfolio by a Norwegian bank under legislation which at the time was both untested and highly complex. We also pioneered the development of the Norwegian covered bond markets which today is Norway’s largest market for issuance of debt capital market instrument and a segment where our market position remains unrivalled by any other firm.

Our lawyers regularly speak at industry conferences, work with finance industry organizations and participate in legislative processes to support the continued development of the Norwegian structured finance market. For example, when domestic legislative amendments in 2017 caused unforeseen consequences for the Norwegian covered bond market, lawyers from our practice group developed a new form of residential mortgage right which alleviated the problems caused by the legislative changes.

In addition to providing stand-alone financial regulatory advice, our Structured Finance & Regulatory practice leverages a combination of regulatory expertise and transactional know-how to deliver value to clients with complex or unusual financing needs where bespoke solutions are needed. Our offering includes:

  • Securitisation
  • Covered bonds
  • Derivatives
  • Regulatory capital (Tier 2, hybrid instruments, MREL capital, etc)
  • Factoring and trade finance solutions
  • Financial regulatory advice (banking, capital markets, insurers, funds etc.)
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