BAHR Corona Task Force – Ready and able. Any time.

It is an extraordinary situation. The coronavirus outbreak has serious effects on people's lives and health, and the impact on workplaces, commercial contracts and business operations are unpredictable. BAHR has initiated its own measures to ensure that our lawyers are ready to support our clients with their risk management in any manner. Any time. Get in touch with your regular BAHR contact or one of the members of our task force team.

BAHR’s Corona Task Force

Employment related matters:

  • Partner Tarjei Thorkildsen,
  • Partner Geir Mikalsen,
  • Senior Associate Rajvinder Singh Bains,
  • Associate Agnes Inora Marie Strøm Olsen

Contract issues and risk management:

  • Partner Charlotte Håkonsen,
  • Partner Are Stenvik,
  • Partner Geir Mikalsen,
  • Partner Morten P. Smørdal,
  • Partner Jan Erik Barbo,
  • Senior Associate Daniel Sipos,
  • Senior Associate Dejan Kuburic

Compliance and business operations:

  • Partner Charlotte Håkonsen,
  • Partner Morten P. Smørdal

Tax and support schemes/subsidies:

  • Partner Joachim M. Bjerke,
  • Specialist Partner Marius Pilgaard

Real estate/Commercial real estate leases:

  • Partner Ole Andreas Dimmen
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