BAHR Dispute Resolution Insight no. 02/23

A new BAHR Dispute Resolution Insight is out.

In this issue we discuss:

  • Trends in Directors’ Liability Lawsuits Before the Norwegian Courts
  • Directors’ and Senior Executives’ Liability for Cyber Breaches
  • Tax Litigation in Norway

In our first two articles, we discuss the ever-relevant topic of directors’ liability. BAHR has conducted a complete analysis of the entire body of published judgements on directors’ liability since the two Norwegian Companies Acts were enforced in 1999. How likely is it that a directors’ liability lawsuit will succeed? Who are the claimants? Based on a source material of more than 330 cases, our study provides interesting answers to these questions and more. We are pleased to share our findings as well as our recommendations for how the exposure can be mitigated, with you in our first article.

In the second article, we look at the topic from a digital perspective, as we have investigated the current status on directors’ and senior executives’ liability for cyber breaches.

Our third article concerns tax disputes. Nobody likes facing the government in court, but sometimes it is a necessary evil as the government is not always right. In the article we explain the nature of a tax dispute and some important elements to consider from the taxpayer’s perspective.

We hope this issue provides an interesting read!

BAHR Dispute Resolution Insight no. 02/23
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