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BAHR – human resourcefulness

Getting the right employment advice is vital, since few things are as damaging as a toxic workplace culture or the bad publicity that follows a labour dispute. And in Norway’s highly regulated employment market, resolving employment issues requires cutting-edge knowledge and experience.

It also takes understanding and tact. At BAHR we treat all parties with respect, working to appreciate their concerns and crafting practical solutions. However, if problems can’t be resolved amicably we fight hard for our clients’ interests. This combination of diplomacy and toughness has seen us instructed in many important labour, employment and pension matters, such as:

  • Successfully representing the Norwegian Air Group in a comprehensive and unprecedented reorganization and consecutive litigation ending in a Supreme Court case brought by a group of pilots and cabin crew – this was named ‘achievement of the year’ by the Financial Daily.
  • Providing The Employer’s Association Spekter and its federation companies with wide-ranging legal advice and litigation services.
  • Advising the Norwegian Broadcast Corporation (NRK), in connection with a downsizing of NRK’s district office for East Norway (Nw. Østlandssendingen) challenging the relative importance of seniority as against skills/the employer’s need for certain employees’ expertise. BAHR successfully accompanied NRK through the Employment Tribunal (Arbeidsretten), and prevailing through Oslo District Court and the Court of Appeal in 2020.

Whether you’re looking for labour law advice on a major acquisition or restructuring, support in collective negotiations, or face a tricky employment dispute, we can help. A go-to team for the largest matters, we have particular experience of crafting custom-made incentive plans, amending pension schemes, and handling litigation.

For more information on how we can help you, please get in touch with one of our key points of contact.

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